We are the European Space force. We will protect the earth against live from the universe. Until now, nobody can prove that there is live in the universe. To be sure, we will be protected against attacks from other livings out there.
We started to select a group of professional soldiers and captains to make them ready for the space forces.
The space scientists give us all the information they already collected. We have to work close together with them,
so we give also the space scientists all the new material we can collect when we are in space.


Here do you find the most recent news about our army.

New uniform

After many discussions and a lot of brainstorming we can finally present the new uniform for the Space Forces.
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New Rocket

For our Space Forces we will build a total new kind of rocket, this one will be very strong, and of course very fast.
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First tests

The first tests of the military astronauts already started yesterday. We are very curious to see who is good enough to join our Space Forces.
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